Josh Zygielbaum for Adams County Clerk & Recorder

I am running for Adams County Clerk & Recorder to bring Transparency, Efficiency, and Accessibility back to Adams County. 

Missing Adams County Ballots

For Immediate Release:

One of the Clerk's primary responsibilities is to ensure that elections are managed competently. Right now, we have a Clerk who is proving his inability to do just that. 

Regardless of reason or excuse, over 61,000 ballots were not delivered to voters. That is not a failure of the Vendor, as stated in today's press release, and it is not a failure of the Post Office, as stated in an email sent out from the Clerk's office yesterday. The responsibility is on the Clerk and the Clerk alone.

The sign on Harry Truman's desk said, "The Buck Stops Here." It didn't say to pass the buck onto the Vendor or the Post Office when something goes wrong. 

I can assure you that if I am fortunate enough to win on November 6th, I will take responsibility for all activities in the Clerk & Recorder's office, good or bad. 


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The Platform

Serving The Community

The Marine Corps transferred me to Colorado in 2006 and I have been an active part of the community ever since. 

As a current Thornton City Councilman, I have continuously fought to improve the equality in services throughout the city, I’ve championed efforts to enhance conditions for working families and public safety, have helped grow the local economy, and have led the way towards ensuring the long term fiscal stability of Thornton. 

United By A Common Goal

Adams County is one of the fastest growing communities in Colorado. It is imperative that the services provided to citizens meets this fast pace. 

The Clerk & Recorder's office must keep up! It is my  goal to improve the efficiency of our offices, make voting more convenient and accessible, and improve the transparency of our public records.  

Getting Involved

As a Board Member for two local nonprofits, and the Director of another, I understand the importance of getting out into the community. 

As the Adams County Clerk & Recorder, I will work to bring the Clerk's office to you, innovating and implementing new ways for citizens to engage with the services they need.

Transparency, Efficiency, & Accessibility

The Adams County Clerk & Recorder's office performs a vital role in the daily lives of citizens, including:

  • Preparing and issuing motor vehicle titles and plates. 
  • Handling elections and registering voters. 
  • Issuing marriage licenses.  
  • Recording legal documents and filing maps. 

Not only is it imperative that these many actions take place accurately and efficiently, but that the information be quickly accessible to the public upon request. I intend to improve the delivery of these services by developing more user friendly tools and more effectively staffing offices to serve the public.

The key to voting is simplicity. As mail in ballots have replaced voting booths, citizens are now either tasked with paying for postage or driving to a drop box. For many citizens, these two requirements keep voters from casting their ballots and removes their voice from their community. As County Clerk & Recorder, I will take action to ensure that all barriers to voting are removed, making it easier for any eligible voter to participate. 

By supporting Josh for Adams County Clerk & Recorder, you will help bring Transparency, Efficiency, and Accessibility back to Adams County. 

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